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BigMu Pvt Ltd. a Trusted Name in Indian Ethnic Clothes

About Us

Welcome to BigMU, the ultimate destination for Bollywood inspired garments from Mumbai. We are more than a brand; we are a celebration of dreams, a fusion of cultures, and a tribute to the city that inspires us.

Our Story

BigMU was born out of a passion for Indian cinema and fashion. It's a journey that started with a love for the grandeur of Bollywood and the vibrant spirit of Mumbai. Each thread woven into our garments tells a tale of this passion, a celebration of dreams translated into every piece we offer.

Welcome to BigMU — Where Every Thread Tells a Tale!

At BigMU, we're more than a brand; we're a celebration of dreams, a fusion of cultures inspired by the grandeur of Bollywood and the vibrant spirit of Mumbai.

BigMU: Bollywood Inspired Garments from Mumbai

Our name tells a story — 'Big' signifies 'Bollywood Inspired Garments,' where each piece embodies the magic of Indian cinema. 'MU' pays tribute to Mumbai, the city that fuels our creative spirit and witnessed the birth of our dream.

Explore Indian Ethnic Elegance at BigMU.com:

Step into the enchanting world of BigMU.com, where Indian ethnic elegance comes alive. Our curated collection blends traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, featuring intricately designed Sherwanis, stylish kurta sets, and more. Each garment reflects the timeless elegance that defines BigMU.

The BM Logo: Bollywood Mumbai in Gold:

Navigate through our site and encounter our signature BM logo in resplendent gold. 'B' for Bollywood Inspired Garments, 'M' for Mumbai Born — an elegant fusion capturing the heart of our brand. Gold signifies not just luxury but a commitment to enduring style, mirroring the qualities woven into every piece at BigMU.

Join the Celebration at BigMU:

Experience the BigMU difference — a celebration of tradition, glamour, and urban magnificence. Welcome to BigMU, where every detail tells a tale, and every garment is a canvas for dreams.

BigMu Pvt Ltd.

Our showrooms have a vast collection of bridal and groom wear as well. We specialize in sarees, lehengas, ladies' suits, kurtis, party wear gowns, men's kurta pajama, men's sherwani, and bridal wear. You can find a range of colors, designs, and styles that cater to your needs.

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